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Magical March…

February 28, 2017

I was never big fan of March. No great days off. Kinda sucky weather. Not warm enough for summer and too rainy to be winter.  Just kinda blah. But after my daughter was born on March 9th, it took on a whole new meaning. In fact in became magical-mystical-fairyland-birthday party month. Every. Single. Year.  She’s like that… once she likes something she sticks with it and that’s how it always will be. So we had many fairy princess parties.  Some had crowns, some had toadstool houses and some rode unicorns.

Fast forward to her now 14th birthday and the unicorns are still here. Which is why for our March cupcake of the month… you guessed it… unicorn cupcakes and (not to be outdone) unicorn donuts!!! These beauties are giving me quite a tickle. Enjoy.

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