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I was totally inspired by a french blogger and her amazingly beautiful photos of this brain cake. I chose to use the brain as a topper for a tiered white fondant cake with slashes cut into the fondant and blood running out and down the sides. It turned out very…Read more

Being vegan means sacrificing some things. I have sacrificed many things and don't regret any of it ~ at all. Talk about worth it!! My health and the lives of the animals and the environment are way more important than my tiny momentary ideas of happiness. That being said -…Read more

As many of you know from my personal instagram, I've been living and eating the FASTer Way to Fat Loss lifestyle since January 2019!  I finally found something to help me get rid of these vegan carb pounds! I know - I know... most people switch to vegan and BOOM!!!...…Read more

When you live with a restrictive diet, either from allergies, intolerances, or personal preferences, one of the hardest adjustments to make is living without your favorite desserts and baked goods. And although there are countless recipes for gluten-free or animal product-less recipes online, few tastes as good as the real…Read more

I first had a "homemade" oreo-style cookie in the late 90's at the original La Brea Bakery. It was indeed on La Brea Ave next door to Campanile, the amazing Italian restaurant started by Nancy Silverton's then husband where she was the Pastry Chef and the Head Baker at the…Read more

We had the best thanksgiving this year!  my whole family came to my house in honor of my sweet Grampa Louie who is having trouble this year - his forgetfulness has gone off the charts.. it's pretty bad :( He had a good day tho and we all just found…Read more

It’s Aidan’s birthday party. He’s turning 7. I brought my vegan gluten-free pumpkin crumb cake, Alison's favorite. Vegan. Gluten-free. Trying to satisfy everyone's food issues. It’s not famous yet. Just really good. It surprised us all how moist it turned out the very first time I made it. She requested…Read more

Want fresh baked news & deals?