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Magical March…

February 28, 2017

I was never big fan of March. No great days off. Kinda sucky weather. Not warm enough for summer and too rainy to be winter.  Just kinda blah. But after my daughter was born on March 9th, it took on a whole new meaning. In fact in became magical-mystical-fairyland-birthday party…Read more

These rich chocolate cupcakes have a surprise inside... sweet liquidy cherries! We make these at the bakery for the holidays... with our fool proof gluten free flour and the best organic cocoa powder you can find. It matters.      Buy Our Organic Gluten Free flour here… SaveRead more

Buttermilk Donuts

February 27, 2017

Direct from our kitchen... these are our newest donuts. Vegan and gluten free light and moist donuts. We use oat flour in these ones to give them a unique taste. Scroll down for the Cinnamon Sugar recipe.   Save Save Save Save SaveRead more

We're pretty excited about the newest addition to the Karma family; Waffles! AND not just regular waffles, but protein waffles... 7g per waffle! Made from all organic plant-based protein powders. We use the cleanest and best tasting Brown Rice and Pea Proteins. Arek and I make protein shakes at home…Read more

At our bakery, people ask me all of the time why I started Karma Baker. Of course there were many inspirations; loving to bake for others, the increasing prevalence of food allergies, my own food allergies! But the story that most illustrates the Karma Baker mission, the story that never…Read more

Vegan Caramel

October 24, 2016

Vegan Caramel - The Ultimate Tutorial I finally got it down on paper... It took me a few weeks of trials, a whole day with my lovely young assistant, my daughter Ruby, and the hot Southern California weather to finally chill out a bit; and now here's my recipe for…Read more

Yay! it's holiday season! As a baker that means lots of baking. And as a pie girl- that means pie crust! I have to admit I've always been a lazy baker. Back in the easy (non Vegan &Gluten-Free) days of boxed mixes and frozen pie crusts, I would cut corners…Read more

Want fresh baked news & deals?