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Let’s talk about sprinkles… Sprinkles are just plain fun! Fun on cupcakes, trans-formative on cookies, and duh on donuts!!! And don’t get me started on funfetti cakes!! Sprinkles rock the baking world. They can turn a plain cupcake into a party. There are 2 kinds of sprinkles.  First, “traditional” sprinkles…they…Read more

The blog has finally been moved! I’m all set to get going with a fresh start! I’ll be posting recipes from the bakery using our famous flour. If you’re local to Karma Baker in Westlake Village, you already know the wonders of this amazing flour. You’ve tried it yourself or…Read more

Thanksgiving Pies

November 10, 2015

We have our pies ready for the holiday season! What a feat!  Fine tuning new recipes and testing and testing. Redesigning a new look and teaching my beautiful bakers how it’s done. There are so many mediocre pies out there. And especially now, if it’s stamped vegan and gluten free,…Read more

  I was totally inspired by a french blogger and her amazingly beautiful photos of this brain cake. I chose to use the brain as a topper for a tiered white fondant cake with slashes cut into the fondant and blood running out and down the sides. IT turned out…Read more

Want fresh baked news & deals?