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Thanksgiving Pies

November 10, 2015

We have our pies ready for the holiday season! What a feat!  Fine tuning new recipes and testing and testing. Redesigning a new look and teaching my beautiful bakers how it’s done.

There are so many mediocre pies out there. And especially now, if it’s stamped vegan and gluten free, that’s all you get… A mediocre vegan and gluten free pumpkin pie. Blech.  I’ve had my share. And as with everything else at the bakery, my goal is to change all that.
So naturally we wanted our pies a notch above the rest… And they are. Super creamy. Perfectly spiced. And beautiful!!… with a hand cut leaf crust. Makes me smile!

Call the bakery to order a pecan pie, pumpkin pie or an apple crumb pie.


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