Hello, I’m Arek Reeder, Founder of Karma Baker! We’re revolutionizing your favorite dessert by delivering tasty fresh 100% vegan and gluten-free treats, consciously and sustainably. 


Our mission is to bring you not merely the best plant-based dessert you’ve tasted, but the best dessert you’ve ever had, period. By uniting our health- and ethically-conscious philosophy with our delectable culinary wizardry, we’re going to set the dessert market on fire, and we’d love to have you along for the ride!


I would like to highlight the top reasons to consider investing in Karma Baker on StartEngine and become part of the Karma Baker family!


Skyrocketing Growth Potential


Plant-based foods began as one of the biggest culinary trends of 2022. There is a fast growing demographic of people with allergies, health, ethics, and environmental concerns. This market has a strong desire for greater variety in plant-based foods. 


As a matter of fact, more than 50% of millennials are trying to incorporate plant-based and unprocessed foods into their diet!


Don’t feel like you fit into this group? No problem! Our cookies are meant to be loved by everyone! There is an estimated 83% of Americans that are reportedly trying to incorporate more plant-based foods into their diets. With Karma Baker, you won’t even notice the difference.


Booming Market


The market for plant-based foods is expected to reach $162 billion within the decade! Furthermore, plant-based foods continue to win over America’s stomachs and wallets, with 57% of all U.S. households purchasing plant-based foods (that’s over 71 million households). 


Loyal Consumer Base + Booming Sales.


We are an online direct-to-consumer business. We sell freshly baked goods on our website, delivering them via FedEx to our customers in all 50 states – with Canada on the horizon! 


We bake fresh-to-order and ship our desserts frozen within 36 hours after an order is placed. Transit times are a mere 1-3 days, so our hungry customers won’t be waiting long! 


Our online sales have organically increased by an average 160% each year since 2018. That’s 700,000 items baked and sold with $5.3 million in total revenue since 2015. We’re extremely proud of that astounding growth. 


Karma Baker has an ever-increasing army of thousands of enthusiastic customers across the United States: 51% of our revenue is from a loyal base of returning customers! To top it off, we have a large and ever growing social following of 41k+ Instagram followers! Oh, and lest we forget, raving reviews across the board with an average of 4.5+ stars!


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