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Vegan Gluten Free Bakery Los Angeles

August 07, 2018

When you live with a restrictive diet, either from allergies, intolerances, or personal preferences, one of the hardest adjustments to make is living without your favorite desserts and baked goods. And although there are countless recipes for gluten-free or animal product-less recipes online, few tastes as good as the real thing.

At Karma Baker, we continue using only the best in natural ingredients for all of our menu items, allowing you a guilt-free way to enjoy all your favorite dishes. You won’t find any genetically modified foods, hydrogenated oils, or wheat or dairy in anything that we make fresh every day.

There is a reason why we have grown to become the favorited choice in all-natural baked items that look as delicious as they taste each time. When you need a local vegan gluten free bakery Los Angeles shop, we continue making tasty treats you can feel right about enjoying.

No matter what your meal restrictions might be, we likely have a delicious treat ready for you to bite into today. Stop in and see all our freshly baked goods today at our always vegan and gluten free bakery in Westlake Village or have us cater or deliver to your Los Angeles location.

Vegan Food and Goods

There are many health benefits to adopting a vegan diet, although for many, the decision often can be misunderstood. Being a vegan means merely cutting out any animal-based products from the meals you consume.

For many, veganism is a consumer choice to help combat overfishing, cattle farming, deforestation, and other problems related to the meat packing industry and other food manufacturing. Other shoppers, however, may find that their body quickly adds fat and cholesterol after consuming animal products, and they remove them from their diet for health concerns.

Whatever the reason for your eating habits, we have an extensive list of items that are tasty, organic, and free of byproducts. Our guilt-free treats will surely delight your taste buds without any eggs, dairy, or lard.

If you are considering cutting out my animal-based food items from your daily diet or you struggle with finding a bakery that caters to your needs, then stop by today for your new favorite desserts. Allow us to satisfy your sweet tooth without the worry.
Karma Baker offers all plant based foods.

Gluten-Free Food

Although some may see a gluten-free diet as a fad or trend, for many adults it’s a necessity. Gluten intolerances have severe symptoms that can quickly debilitate those who suffer from it daily.

We understand how damaging consuming gluten can be, and we’ve cut out all forms of it from our menu. We have even developed our in-house brand of all-natural, organic baking flour to ensure the highest quality and safety possible for your needs.

Whether you’re craving a batch of brownies and cookies or need a gluten-free birthday cake for a loved one, we can best assist you with it all. There’s no need to confuse a kitchen staff or worry about what you’re eating when you buy from us.

You no longer have to forgo your favorite baked goods any longer.

Karma Baker remains the best vegan and gluten-free bakery serving all of Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura Counties.

Visit Karma Baker’s shop in Westlake Village or online at http://karmabaker.com/. Karma Baker caters and delivers to those in all of Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange Counties and can be found in markets such as Lassen’s Erewhon and Follow Your Heart. For more locations visit: http://karmabaker.com/locations

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