I purchased the Snickerzzz cake for our daughter’s birthday.  She has

just recently found out that she has a gluten and dairy allergy.  It

took a long time for this diagnosis.  She loves cakes and sweets in

general and we thought it was going to be a real challenge to find

just the right birthday cake.  Honestly, I was a little concerned

about how different the taste might be, without dairy or gluten.

The cake was positively amazing.  She loved it.  Not only was it

beautiful but we couldn’t believe how delicious it was.  I can’t thank

you enough.  It was the hit of the day and turned a dairy and gluten

free necessity into an I don’t care if I have gluten and dairy because

this cake in unbelievable!  Thank you, again.  It was a huge success

with everyone, those who were unable to have gluten and dairy and

those who didn’t have that dietary concern.  Can’t wait to try more of

your beautiful desserts and to let friends know about your beautiful


Mary R