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Here's a resource page of all of our favorite ingredients and products. Think in-the-kitchen and for play! Check back often I am adding my favs daily!

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Love Pickleball??

WE DO! And we love this bottle. Made by Maui Pickleball Company. It's funny cuz it says picklejuice ;)

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THE BEST Bundt Pan from Nordic Ware.

My personal favorite that was handed down from my Grandma Lucy :)

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Stainless Steel Baking Sheets with Silicone Mats and Cooling Racks!

MULTI-USE MEET YOUR NEEDS: Pack of 9 in 3 different sizes - This oven cooking set includes 3 rimmed baking sheets, 3 cooling racks and 3 silicone baking mats, fits most regular toaster ovens. Perfect for baking cookies, bread, pastries, cookies, brownies, fruit cobblers making, cooling cookies and cakes and draining water and oil, also meet most of your daily oven pans needs. Enjoy a easier and happier baking time.

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for meditation

Buddha Stones

Buddha Stones is the place we get all of our favorite bracelets and prayer beads! Get 15% off at Buddha Stones with code CELINEIKELER

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The best knives


You'll find these Japanese knives in the kitchen at Karma Baker and in our personal home, we love them! So sharp and lightweight. Use our discount code when you checkout KARMABAKER

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All the Best Baking Stuff

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OREO Gluten Free Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, Gluten Free Cookies, 12 - 13.29 oz Packs

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