6pk Easter Bunny Carrot Cake Jars


  • vegan
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  • gluten-free
  • |
  • kosher
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  • soy-free

You will receive six – 8 oz jars

The shipping deadline has passed for this item for easter 2022. Go to our Pick up website to order for local pick up in Westlake Village



Carrot cake layered with vanilla frosting! You will receive six – 8 oz jars equivalent to 10 cupcakes!

These are best 10 days in the fridge and up to 4 months in the freezer!



Due to COVID and the glass shortage at the moment, jars and containers may vary from photos.



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All cake and frosting varieties (not carrot cake) are the same as Karma Cakes

Carrot Cake Jar - Nutrition Label (2)





Yes! We have figured out how to ship fresh baked Karma Boxes to anywhere in the United States without worry!

  • When you place your order we bake it fresh then freeze for 24 hours before shipping to lock in the freshness and protect the decorations during transit.
  • We wrap each baked good individually for a 2 week shelf life which can be extended by keeping in the fridge or freezer. Our products do not spoil as they are vegan and do not need to maintain a cold temperature.
  • All dessert boxes are shipped via USPS Priority with an expected delivery of 2-5 days depending on your location. USPS Priority delivers Monday - Saturdays. You can choose expedited shipping options at checkout.

Please purchase Route.com insurance during checkout to ensure that you get your order replaced or get fully refunded in the event of damage, delay, theft or any unforeseen issue that keeps you from enjoying your treats.


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