Holiday Cake Pops


  • vegan
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  • gluten-free
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  • kosher
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  • nut-free
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  • soy-free

Designed for each season.

See images for seasonal colors or designs.

October/November – Candy Corn Colors

December – Red/Green/White

February – Red/White/Pink & Mini Hearts

March/April – Pastel Easter Colors and chicks (mixed come in each dozen)

Choose 4, 8 or 12 cake pops


Everyone’s favorite dessert treat – now vegan & GF! These delicious bite-sized treats come in chocolate with vanilla coating and holiday sprinkles.  We will ship them directly to you. Good in the refrigerator 2 weeks or 3 months in the freezer. Stock up and enjoy! Chocolate dipped in white chocolate.

Can be purchased individually in our store front



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While we strive to keep a sterile environment, we cannot guarantee that guests with allergies or serious food sensitivities (especially to nuts or seeds) may not be exposed to cross contamination. As such, please understand that Karma Baker cannot be responsible for any injury, loss or damage claimed by any guest with food allergies who consumes our food, regardless of circumstances.


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