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Santa Monica Gluten Free & Vegan Baker has what you are looking for in sweets! Living in Santa Monica, CA, means that a beach day is always an option. However, despite still needing that swimsuit or bikini to fit at a moment’s notice, the state is also known for its baked goods.

Unfortunately, because of the fats, dairy, and animal-based cooking ingredients, just one order of treats can contain more than your entire days’ worth of calories. Even if you plan on hitting up Muscle Beach later, that’s a lot of sugars and fat to take in at once.

The healthier alternative remains the vegan and gluten-free items sold by Karma Baker. We only use organic, plant-based ingredients and flours to sell your favorite bakery classics without worrying about your waist.

Whether you’re looking for a birthday cake you can enjoy with the guilt or an afternoon treat, we serve a full menu of your favorite baked goods, as well as seasonal special items every day. Contact our bakers to place your order and experience the difference our kitchen staff can make for you.


Vegan Bakery Items

As someone experienced in creating vegan items, as well as someone who discovered food allergies later in life, we understand that your typical vegan baked recipe leaves much room for improvement. All too often, alternative flours create unpleasant aftertastes, and that many recipes off of the Internet need a ton of adjustment.

Our master chef spent years perfecting our in-house flour blend that remains gluten, bean, and nut-free. However, the taste will fool you into thinking that it’s the same bleached white flour you’ve baked with your entire life.

Instead, our menu is full of classic treats and new spins on old favorites that cut out more of the things that your body is better off avoiding. Whether you also have dietary concerns or prefer to avoid animal-based ingredients, we remain the best choice for all of your snacking needs.

Stop by today or place your order and taste the difference that we can make for you. More people are discovering the benefits of adjusting their food intake, as well as how delicious vegan goods can taste.


Gluten-Free Santa Monica Baker

By now, you’ve lively grown tired of hearing people making claims of being gluten-free, even if they don’t have a medical reason why. Unfortunately, unless you live with a gluten allergy or intolerance, you likely don’t understand how painful it can feel.

Most gluten-intolerant eaters experience skin rashes, inflamed intestines, and difficulty breathing. In severe instances, some people even go into anaphylactic shock.

Unfortunately, gluten gets included in many prepacked foods, from salad dressings and candy to deli meats all contain some degree of cross-contaminated proteins. That makes it even more difficult for someone with a condition to enjoy eating on the go, making it challenging to stay on top of meals every day.

Even if you’ve tried gluten-free baked items in the past, we guarantee that they didn’t taste anywhere near as great as our menu does daily. See why more residents throughout Santa Monica now that our bakery remains the best around.


Gluten-Free & Vegan Baker Near Me

We do our best to ship out our items throughout the region, keeping guilt-free treats close to where you live. You can find our fresh products served throughout the community, making it even easier to try new takes on traditional baked goods.

Whether you need a cake for an upcoming party, a morning donut, or an afternoon cookie, you can enjoy it all from us without the guilt. When you need a healthier alternative to traditional bakeries, you have your favorite treats closer than you think.

Wherever in town you happen to live, you can enjoy our goods every day. Find us in a store or place an order and enjoy our items throughout:

  • Ocean Park
  • Wilshire Montana
  • North of Montana
  • Northeast
  • Downtown Santa Monica
  • Mid-City
  • Sawtelle
  • Pico
  • And more surrounding neighborhoods.

You no longer have to make the journey to downtown Los Angeles each time you need something to satisfy your sweet tooth. See why more area residents continue purchasing from us for all their dessert and bakery items.


Vegan, Gluten-Free, and Fresh

We know it isn’t always simple to find the food items you need for your dietary needs. However, as we continue making the best in vegan and gluten-free bakery products, we hope everyone finds something that they love with us.

Contact us now and place an order or find Karma Bakery in stores throughout the community.

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