When should I order my Ship-A-Cake?

Order your cake at least a week ahead of time. You will choose your SHIP-BY date at checkout.

Please select a date at least 2 days before you need your cake.

We only ship on Mondays thru Thursdays and bake every cake to order. We ship cakes with Fedex Overnight and cakes arrive by 8pm the following day. No Saturday deliveries.

Can I have an order delivered outside of the 50 United States?

No, we can only ship within the 50 United States (no territories) at the moment. Aside from those, we’re able to send overseas to US Military APO and FPO addresses, our boxes can only be delivered domestically within the US (as the risk of items getting stuck in international Customs is just too high)

When will my items ship?

On or around the date you choose to ship at checkout. Unless it’s a cake which will ship on your preferred ship date to arrive the next day… unless something unforeseen happens, in which case, we try our best.

What if I put in the wrong address?

It will go to the wrong place. And you’ll have to order and pay all over again and have a brand new shipment sent out. We hate when this happens. It’s super disappointing for everyone. Please DOUBLE CHECK your shipping address at checkout. Email us immediately at [email protected] if you think there has been an error at checkout. Thanks!

How soon can i have something shipped?

We bake everything to order. When you place your order you are given a choice of ship-by dates to choose from, these dates are 3-5 days from now. After that your overnight or 2 day shipping options come into play. So if you order a box of donuts today and select next day shipping, it will be not be shipped out the same day. It will be shipped on the day you select.

Why are cakes shipped separately? Am I being charged twice for shipping?

We ship cakes separately to ensure they arrive in as perfect condition as possible.  They are specially packaged and charged differently than other items.  We send each cake FedEx Overnight (roughly costing $175, but we have a special deal with FedEx, and are able to do a much lower flat fee per cake.)

Other items ship at a slower rate (2-5 days) for much less money. They are packaged to ship separately. That Overnight price is quite different from the cakes.

We do offer the ability for you to send items faster at your choice and expense, but at our pretty great rates.

Why are you automatically charging me Route.com insurance?

Because we love you!  And we want your shipping experience with us to be a positive one. The shipping services have become overloaded with the COVID situation. They are delivering unprecedented amounts of packages each day and even more over the holidays.  Packages will get lost, have delays and just not show up. Your items may sit way too long because of this and Route.com Insurance will take care of sending you a new order or getting a refund to you. You pay a tiny amount to be 100% covered.

Please note that if you OPT-OUT of the Route.com Shipping Protection Insurance, Karma Baker will NOT REFUND you for any lost, stolen, late or damaged shipments. This would now be your responsibility. Don’t uncheck that box 😉