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The Cookie KarmaBox

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The Cookie KarmaBox



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  • soy-free

For the cookie enthusiasts out there! Our second most popular item, sold all over Southern California grocery stores, our cookies are so good even non-vegans buy them! ;)

You will receive 9 jumbo sandwich cookies:

3 Karma Cookies

3 Oatmeal Chai Sandwich

3 Chocolate Chip-wich Cookies

Each cookie is carefully packaged individually to preserve freshness. And can be frozen for 3 months.


Due to shipping restraints, we cannot make substitutions within Karma Boxes. Please take note of the contents.

Baker's Note
  • Our items are packed to stay fresh for a 10 day journey.
  • We ship items frozen, with an ice pack, only to protect them from damage and cranky UPS drivers. Your items may arrive at ambient temperatures and the ice pack may not be cold anymore. That is OK.
  • Rest assured your products are still in perfectly edible condition.  And you should enjoy them. :)  Refrigerate or freeze your items once they arrive to help them keep from becoming too soft and gooey ;)
  • Karma Baker’s products do not spoil because we do not use eggs or dairy.  They are individually packaged in airtight packing for freshness.
  • We ship only Monday thru Wednesday.  Items take 1-3 days to get to your US address.
  • Currently with the COVID-19 situation the carriers are overloaded and THEY may take extra time to deliver your packages. Please plan accordingly and order sooner than you need your items. They can all be frozen for your event later. Once it leaves our hands, we must trust in the powers of good karma ;)
Want fresh baked news & deals?