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A Thousand Oaks Vegan & Gluten Free Bakery just for you to enjoy! It seems as if these days you continue seeing local L.A. and Thousand Oaks, CA bakeries getting featured online for their outrageous cookies, cakes, and donuts. And while the video is enough to make you drool, you can already feel the calories stacking up just from watching someone else enjoy them.

Everyone loves a freshly baked item fresh from the oven, but it isn’t always worth the weigh-in the following morning. That is why, even if you don’t have food allergies or intolerances, many are turning to gluten-free and vegan products instead.

At Karma Baker, we only use organic plant-based products and gluten-free cooking ingredients to deliver delicious and healthier versions of your favorite classic desserts. By avoiding the use of shortenings, butter, animal fats, and dairy, we can provide you with tasty treats without the guilt.

When you need to satisfy your sweet teeth, we can help you find something to love that’s healthier than traditional bakery items. See why we remain the growing favorite for many throughout the community.


Vegan Baker Thousand Oaks

Some may wonder why if you can’t eat dairy or refuse animal-based products, then why launch a bakery? After all, it seems as if every recipe calls for heavy cream, butter, and processed white flour.

However, modifying most treats doesn’t take much effort. And in the hands of our master baker, you can’t tell the difference. We ensure that everything we sell is both visually appealing and delicious, whether you have dietary restrictions or not.

Today, more people are becoming diagnosed with gluten intolerances and food allergies, and many people aren’t aware that they remain lactose intolerant. Buying our highest quality products ensures that more people get to enjoy their old favorites, as well as whatever dishes we happen to think of to serve.

We offer all the items that you would expect from a traditional bakery, all without the ingredients that you might not find possible to enjoy. Whether you’re prepared to try something new or choose the bakery right for you, we remain the best choice around for more residents.


Thousand Oaks Gluten-Free Baker

Gluten is a collection of proteins stored in its starch and is the reason why dough stretches and rises during the proofing and baking stages of cooking. Those who can’t process gluten have bodies that are unable to break down the proteins, making it challenging to digest.

When you create baked goods, you often rely on gluten to give food its recognized textures and flavors. However, we don’t replace gluten with artificial ingredients, but organic ones instead.

The results are luscious bakery treats that taste and feel how you remember, all without using bleached white flours and doughs. Those who avoid gluten-free bakery items often tried recipes before that relied too heavily on replacement flours, causing them to taste off.

Our bakery ensures that your items are as close to the original as possible. We want you to completely forget that what you’re eating is free of traditional flours and doughs.


Vegan Bakery Near Me

Whether you have an upcoming audition and you can’t risk putting on a few extra pounds, to living with specific dietary restrictions, more residents throughout the city are discovering the benefits our baked goods can make. They remain the ideal choice for any gathering, special occasion, or event, and most people don’t even notice that they’re free from animal products, wheat, and dairy.

We continue expanding where our treats get sold, and they’re likely already in a shop near where you live. And even if a store isn’t convenient for your home, we ship our products throughout the region every day.

No matter where you reside in town, we know that you’ll find something you’ll love from our bakery. We remain the premier choice for more vegans, gluten-free eaters, and everyone else throughout:

  • Lake Sherwood
  • Newbury Park
  • Dos Vientos Ranch
  • Casa Conejo
  • Downtown Thousand Oaks
  • Conejo Valley
  • And the immediate communities.

You don’t have to head to downtown Los Angeles just because you have a craving for sweets. We have an entire menu waiting for your snack needs today.


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Whether you have a question, concern, or you would like to place an order, feel free to contact us at any time. We will respond to your message quickly or ship out your order.

See why more people turn to Karma Baker for the best in vegan and gluten-free baked goods.

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