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Why Karma?

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What does the name Karma Baker mean?

Friends prompted Celine over and over again to create a business out of sharing her baked goods. And so when the time came for a name of this company, Karma Baker just slipped out. The name is not about a bakery or a cute play on words…

Food affects our lives in a myriad of ways: food impacts our health, food impacts our environment, and food impacts our Karma.

Celine and Arek feel that being a Karma Baker means that you have chosen a path rooted in kindness and global consciousness. It’s about the karmic action we take ourselves: the action to choose our food, that which we put into our sacred bodies. Not only do we create healthy options for our friends and family, but we also help to educate how our food impacts the world and all its inhabitants.

Consumers are growing more aware of the effects ingredients have on their lives and we are proud to provide a healthy and sustainable option without compromising taste.

What is Enlightened Baking™?

Celine and Arek believe the intentions of one’s heart and consciousness become infused with the food as it’s being made. As a result, they have designed their business where an atmosphere of love, compassion, and kindness thrive. The result has been a phenomenal success that they like to call Enlightened Baking™.

Want fresh baked news & deals?