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My first Cookbook is out!

October 20, 2020


I imagined this day long ago.  And wow it’s been a tough road getting this beautiful little bake book out!  Running our amazing business Karma Baker takes a village.  I don’t have a lot of “Free” or “extra” time to write.  This was not my luxury.  Writing this book took all of us. So Thank you to my staff and friends and family for your love and support.  We did it!!

I have always had the intention of sharing my  recipes and food with people so they can eat that yummy vegan GF cookie right along side me. So we can both take that warm gooey bite and look at each other with big eyes and giggle … “oh my god this cookie is so good!”, we’d squeal. To me that is what baking is all about, sharing the experience together.

And while we at Karma Baker will still bake and sell and ship and share our goods from our store, you can now bake these fun holiday goodies at home and continue the sharing.

Happy baking!
let’s change the world with our joyful, animal-less goodies! Order it here! 

Karma Baker’s Holiday Cookbook. An all vegan and gluten free cookbook by Celine Ikeler

Celine Ikeler – founder and co-owner of the famed Karma Baker in Los Angeles, California, author, artist, meditator, mother and bangin’ life partner – presents her well curated collection, Celine’s Holiday Favorites, to add amazing recipes to your own seasonal celebrations and traditions. Inspired by her Granma Lucy, Celine’s Holiday Favorites includes pies, cakes, cookies and many of the tasty holiday treats that you, too, probably grew up enjoying. These main-stay recipes that made her bakeshop famous have received thousands of requests and glowing reviews on Yelp! and Google, and now she’s sharing them with the world.

All 18 holiday recipes included in her collection are Karma Baker top-selling favorites, items that have been satisfying sweet-tooths and lighting up holiday tables for years. Now you can be your own Karma Baker and create vegan and gluten-free holiday treats at home for everyone to enjoy! And the best part is, no one will ever miss the dairy, wheat, or eggs when indulging in the recipes in Celine’s Holiday Favorites. In her home, her bakery and her holiday baking book, everyone is included. Whether it’s the traditional selection of autumnal pies, or the “perfect for gifting” iced sugar cookies or the “can’t stop the snacking” raspberry oat bars – there is something for everyone in this delightful, easy-to-follow baking book.

Celine crafted every recipe and made them simple so they can be baked in any home kitchen.
She has also included a detailed list of each unique ingredient, describing what they are for and what they do, so you can easily build your own vegan and gluten-free pantry. She’s taken over a decade of experience and distilled it down to the basics, eliminating the guess work, making the complicated simple.

On a mission to make vegan, gluten-free baked goods as good (if not better) than their traditional counterparts, Celine created Karma Baker in 2013 with her partner Arek Reeder. Together they have been changing peoples’ minds about what it means to eat phenomenal, great-tasting foods without animal by-products or wheat. That’s the Karma Baker way: “Transforming organic plant-based and gluten-free ingredients into extraordinary baked goods everyone loves.”
Once you taste a Karma Baker treat there is no going back! It’s just like your grandma made but vegan…and gluten-free!

Whether you are baking for someone with a food sensitivity, preparing an intimate holiday gathering, building a box of shareable treats, or hosting the whole crew, there’s something for everyone in Celine’s Holiday Favorites bake book. So, go ahead, embrace the holidays in a delicious, enlightened, new way – and bake gluten-free and vegan. You’ll never miss the dairy, wheat, or eggs, and you’ll have a collection of recipes that will have your family and friends begging for more, not to mention memories to draw on for years to come!

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