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Gluten-Free Desserts: A Healthy Way to Satisfy Your Chocolate Cravings

Everyone has cravings—they’re a normal part of the human condition. Instead of just denying yourself of life’s little pleasures, like your favorite flavors and foods, learn to nourish your body with nutrient-rich, delicious dishes made from real, better-for-you ingredients. Wondering where to buy plant-based sweets? Karma Baker is the answer! At Karma Baker, the best vegan bakery in Los Angeles, you can satisfy all your chocolate and other sweet tooth-related cravings when you fill up on freshly baked desserts that are vegan and gluten-free. You can buy gluten-free desserts online from Karma Baker or browse their too-good-to-pass-up inventory in-store in Los Angeles. Want to know more? Read on and learn how Karma Baker, the best online gluten-free bakery in the business, can satisfy your chocolate cravings without sacrificing your health.

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What Does “Gluten-Free” Really Mean?

All of Karma Baker’s gourmet goodies taste just like the real thing—and when we say that, we really mean it.
  • You’ll never feel like you’re missing out on even an ounce of flavor with our customer-approved recipes—all of which are guaranteed “gluten-free,” that is, they do not contain any wheat, eggs, or dairy products.
  • Many people have adopted a gluten-free diet as a means of remedying a wide array of health issues. Either by necessity or by choice, a gluten-free lifestyle has delivered life-changing results for people of all walks of life.
  • Although some struggle to find and make tasty gluten-free foods, Karma Baker is on top of the gluten-free game, and the proof is in the pudding—thousands of satisfied customers.
  • In fact, Karma Baker’s baked goods are so satisfying, that people can’t believe how great it tastes while claiming to be both vegan and gluten-free—but it is!

What Kinds of Vegan, Gluten-Free Goods Can You Find at Karma Baker?

Welcome to a veritable smorgasbord of authentic, fresh, organic sweet eats and treats. Karma Baker does it all! From cookies, cakes, and pies to cakesicles, brownies, chipwiches, bread mix, and much more, you’re bound to find a new vegan, gluten-free favorite. Some of the most popular confections at Karma Baker include:
  • Confetti Cream Cake—Gimme all the sprinkled cakey goodness!
    • This vanilla confetti cake comes topped with colorful sprinkles, as well as your choice of a hand-frosted message (up to 30 characters) and candles if you wish.
    • As always, this baked beauty is vegan and gluten-free, in addition to kosher, nut-free, and soy-free—but bursting with flavor!
    • This cheery, popular pick makes a great cake for birthdays or other happy celebrations
  • Cupcake Jar 6-Pack—Why choose just one fabulous flavor? Shake things up when you take your pick from several scrumptious flavors. When you can’t pick just one flavor, a mix-and-match assortment is a perfect solution for some serious taste-testing. This cupcakes-in-a-mug are perfect for any type of soiree.
    • Flavor options include:
      • Vanilla Birthday Cake
      • Chocolate Karma Cake
      • Pink Lemonade
      • Red Velvet
      • Carrot Cake
      • Peanut Butter and Chocolate
    • Your flavor box will be bursting with flavor in six, eight-ounce jars—perfectly suited for mess-free, guilt-free noshing.
    • Glass jar storage provides a nostalgic touch, full of old-fashioned flair, and easy to eat.
    • In addition to being—naturally—vegan and gluten-free, these sweet treats are also kosher, nut-free, and soy-free for carefree enjoyment.
  • Peanut Butter Brownies—get the best of both worlds when peanut butter and chocolate join forces in a batch of beautiful brownies.
    • Velvety chocolate fudge is swirled with natural organic peanut butter.
    • When you keep them refrigerated, they’ll last a whole month—although it’s unlikely you’ll be able to resist polishing them off well before then.
    • In the freezer, this batch of baked heaven will be good for up to three months, which works perfectly when you’re planning or prepping for a party in the not-so-distant future.
    • Since they have such a long shelf life, you can stock up on several batches of brownies for upcoming parties.
    • Eight large brownies come carefully, individually packaged in order to maximize their freshness potential.
    • A pretty pattern of warm, swirled peanut butter ribbons does all the “dressing up” you’ll need to serve an eye-pleasing platter of healthy, homemade goodness with a tantalizing taste straight out of the oven.
Stop by or shop Karma Baker’s baked goodness online at We specialize in sending fun food that’s always vegan, gluten-free, and guilt-free. Visit us today and see why we are the best vegan and gluten-free bakery in California—you won’t be disappointed!
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