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Lip Smacking Chocolate Brownies For All Desserts Lovers

Hi, I’m Arek Reeder, founder of Karma Baker! At Karma Baker, we’re passionate about creating healthy and mouth-watering dairy-free and gluten-free treats. You’ll love our gluten-free chocolate brownies.

Although the desire for healthy, organic, and gluten-free foods is growing, most desserts taste like cheap substitutes compared to what you truly desire. People assume healthy, vegan, and allergen-free desserts taste bland and are non-appetizing.

With our tasty vegan-friendly brownie desserts, Karma baker saves the day! If you’ve been looking for a place to buy gluten-free chocolate brownies, then look no further. Karma Baker has the perfect brownies for you!

The Best Gluten-free and Vegan Online Bakery

Karma Baker is an online store that sells delicious vegan and gluten-free brownies. Karma Baker is more than just a brownie company. It’s a movement to encourage people to live their best lives and spread happiness to others.

If you’re looking for where to buy gluten-free brownies, look no further than Karma Baker. We offer fun and tasty gluten-free dessert gifts that’ll impress your friends or family members. You can even send them directly to someone who needs some extra love!

We have a wide range of products available at Karma Baker, including everything from cookies to cake pops. If you’re having trouble deciding which dessert would be perfect for your event or celebration, try browsing our selection of gift baskets. There are so many options available that are sure to fit any budget!

Top Reasons to Order Karma Baker Brownies

There is nothing as satisfying for a dessert lover as sinking your teeth into a rich, gooey brownie.

But if you’re a vegan, finding a delicious brownie that fits your dietary restrictions can be tricky. We’ve got you covered with our vegan and gluten-free fudge brownies. Looking for the best dairy-free brownies to buy online, here are the top reasons to order from Karma Baker:

Organic Ingredients

We bake our brownies with organic ingredients and vegan-friendly chocolate. They’re vegan, they’re gluten-free, and they taste like heaven. Seriously! These brownies are so good that they’ll make your mouth water just thinking about them.

You don’t have to worry about any refined sugar or preservatives when you buy from Karma Baker!

Your Choice of Flavors

Our brownies come in multiple flavors, including classic chocolate fudge, creamy peanut butter and walnut!

Besides, Karma Baker offers a wide variety of products like brownies, cookies, and cupcakes – all made from scratch in small batches using quality ingredients.


If you think the high-quality treat means they’re expensive or hard to find, think again! We have everything from bulk orders to individual servings, so no matter how many people you need to serve or how much you want to spend on your order, we have something suitable for your needs.

Great for The Environment

Our favorite treats come in compostable packaging, so you can feel good about what’s going in your trash bin!

Eight Brownies in One Pack

Each box includes eight individually wrapped brownies—perfect for sharing with friends or saving as an indulgent treat just for you!

Nationwide Delivery

You can buy our sweet treats online anywhere in the US. We bake your orders fresh, freeze for 24 hours, and ship after 24 hours of freezing to lock in the freshness.

So, depending on where you live, we can deliver your delicious gluten-free brownie to your doorstep within two to five days of placing your order. Our products have a two-week shelf life or more when you freeze them!

24/7 Customer Service Availability

You can order online any time of the day or night, 365 days a year. You don’t have to wait until Monday morning to place an order — just go online whenever it suits your schedule best!

Why Should You Buy From Us?

We have a record of average annual growth of 160% each year in the last four years. Also, since 2015, we have baked and sold 700,000 deserts, generating $5.3 million from sales. We’re thrilled about our incredible progress.

We believe in great customer service, so if you have any questions about our products or even what it means to be vegan or gluten-free (not just about cutting out meat or dairy), we’re here to help.

Buy Gluten-Free Chocolate Brownies from Karma Baker Today!

We make our brownies in small batches, so every bite comes packed with flavor. We also use only natural ingredients like real chocolate and coconut sugar instead of artificial flavors or preservatives!

So, what are you waiting for? To buy gluten-free chocolate brownies, email us at for nationwide delivery or call us at 747- 222-7379 to order these delicious brownies today!

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