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Perfect Vegan Gourmet Chocolate Chippwich Cookies

Much more than just a cookie sandwich, a Chippwich combines cookies and creamy goodness for an irresistible gourmet vegan treat. By eating sweet treats made from real, wholesome ingredients you can trust, you can really enjoy your life while putting your good karma in motion. What exactly is a “Chippwich?” Karma Baker’s Gourmet Chocolate Chippwich Cookies are made of two chocolate chip cookies sandwiching a sweet, chocolate crème filling that will revolutionize your tastebuds. Do you buy chocolate chip cookies online? If not, you’ll want to now! If you’ve been curious about where to buy chocolate Chippwich cookies, look no further than Karma Baker, the top vegan bakery in Los Angeles—and beyond. In addition to baking up the best vegan cookies to buy online, you can also take your pick from a plethora of other yummy, healthy desserts, including:
  • Cakes
  • Cupcakes-in-a-jar
  • Brownies
  • Gluten-free bread mix
  • Cakesicles
…and more! Interested in one of Karma Baker’s top-selling goodies?

Here’s Some Important Information About Their Chocolate Chippwich Cookies:

  • These creamy, chocolatey delights are made right in the Karma Baker kitchen.
  • Their recipe is totally vegan and gluten-free.
    • What do we mean by “gluten-free?” Great question!
    • Foods that can honestly call themselves gluten-free means that they contain no wheat or dairy products.
    • Some people have a gluten allergy, meaning they can suffer from a range of symptoms or related conditions when foods or products containing gluten are consumed.
    • Whether by choice or by dietary need, many people—including Celine, the “Karma Baker” herself, have experienced drastically improved health as a result of eliminating gluten from their diet.
  • We’ve encountered our fair share of skeptics—many people simply can’t believe that desserts made totally vegan AND gluten-free could taste so yummy—even better than “the real thing” in most cases—but one bite of any of the delicious, nutritious fare from Karma Baker and they become believers.
  • Karma Baker’s highly-addictive Chippwich are so popular, in part, because they deliver so many textures and flavors, all in one, better-for-you baked treat.

What Other Benefits Does Karma Baker’s Vegan Chocolate Chippwich Provide?

If healthy, gluten-free flavor all packed into a decadent, delectable treat wasn’t enough to win you over—there’s more!
  • All of Karma Baker’s goodies are also vegan.
    • This is just as important to achieving karmic balance and well-being as the gluten-free part of the equation.
    • It’s important to the Karma Baker team to provide a selection of sweets that aren’t only good for you—they’re better for the world around you, too.
  • We firmly believe that consuming foods free of animal by-products kickstarts your good karma.
  • Eating more wholesome, fresh foods that not only taste good but give you good karma, too?! What could be better? In short, not much.
  • For all of these reasons, Karma Baker Celine decided to jumpstart her health by getting in the kitchen and revolutionizing the way the world thinks about desserts.
    • She wanted to share with the world the life-changing benefits cleaning up your diet and your mindset can have with others—so that’s just what she’s done by making healthier dessert choices for the masses.
  • Baked goods and delicious desserts don’t have to be filled with processed, calorie-packed junk to weigh you down.
  • Clearly, the message has caught on—now, thousands of customers across the country are ordering up a storm, whether they’re local to Los Angeles or online customers from all over the nation.
  • True health and wellness start from the inside out—you can’t be totally in tune with mind, body, and spirit if you’re filling your body with garbage.
  • Since Karma Baker’s baked goods taste just as good as they look—and maybe even better—what do you have to lose?
  • Don’t deprive yourself of those sweet tooth cravings.
    • You can still satisfy your appetite for decadent desserts in a way that won’t wreck your health or your karma.
  • Browse Karma Baker’s online inventory or stop by yourself to get a closer look at what we have to offer—as our growing number of repeat customers can attest to.
    • Our desserts are just as good as the “real thing,” but without the unhealthy ingredients that are holding you back from living your best, healthiest life from the inside out!
When you eat better, you feel better, and when you feel better, everyone—and everything—around you shift into more positive energy. It’s a win-win situation! Treat yourself—or a loved one—to gourmet goodies unlike any other. Stop by and shop in-store at the Los Angeles Karma Baker location, or order online at and have the best vegan gourmet cookies sent straight to your door.
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