Celine’s Grain Free Paleo Granola

Looking for a great Grain-free Paleo granola? This version is my copycat to Paleo Hero’s Primal Granola except vegan with no honey. 😉 it’s very easy to just mix the ingredients and toast in your oven. Makes about 5 cups in about 30 minutes

Fat Bomb (Keto) Chocolate Mint Brownies

I know the holiday’s have had me posting all sorts of recipes for my Vegan GF baking fans. And now that January is upon us, the fat loss coach in me will take over! It’s time to buckle down and it’s time for some low carb goodies! I love chocolate mint things – everything chocolate … Read more

Making Karma Baker’s Bread at home.

Welcome to the bread class! If you are here, you’ve have probably bought our new home bread kit and want some extra instructions and tips! Celine’s Gluten Free Bread Loaf Ingredients 18 oz warm water (110° to 115°) 3 tablespoons sugar ¼ cup olive oil or canola 1/2 ounce active dry yeast (use entire packet … Read more

Christmas Sugar Cookies!

My grandma Lucy was the queen of sugar cookies. At Christmas she would make hundreds of thin crispy santas, bells and candy canes. I took for granted that each one was hand cut and ate them like crazy… but seriously what a job! hundreds! I dont know how she had the time. She had a job … Read more

Traditional Pumpkin Pie … vegan & gluten-free

If you love to bake and want to make your own pies this year, here’s the recipe you need! there are so many recipes out there. Most have amazing pictures and the recipes just don’t measure up. I know I’ve been sucked into a pretty picture or 2 just to have a total recipe fail … Read more

Jackfruit Turkey & Gravy… Thanksgiving 2019

Hi All! It’s been recording breaking busy at the bakery! Just so busy with many moving parts! Our new KarmaBoxes going out, Cakes being shipped, supplying to our wholesale grocery stores and cafes and of course… our store front! We make around 600 pies in November… it boggles my mind that that is even a … Read more

Halloween Brain Cake Tutorial

I was totally inspired by a french blogger and her amazingly beautiful photos of this brain cake. I chose to use the brain as a topper for a tiered white fondant cake with slashes cut into the fondant and blood running out and down the sides. It turned out very cool … maybe a Zombie … Read more

Vegan Tofu Frittata Low Carb Breakfast

Being vegan means sacrificing some things. I have sacrificed many things and don’t regret any of it ~ at all. Talk about worth it!! My health and the lives of the animals and the environment are way more important than my tiny momentary ideas of happiness. That being said – I do miss the convenience … Read more

Meat Loaf for Vegans!

As many of you know from my personal instagram, I’ve been living and eating the FASTer Way to Fat Loss lifestyle since January 2019!  I finally found something to help me get rid of these vegan carb pounds! I know – I know… most people switch to vegan and BOOM!!!… they get all stick like. … Read more

Paleo Sugar Free Vegan Almond Fat Bombs

My Favorite Fat Bombs… so far ;)

Welcome to my new world of FASTer Way To Fat Loss®! You’ll be hearing a lot about it if you hang around here. The items I’m blogging about here aren’t available at the bakery so please don’t even ask. They are a gift to you and my coaching clients. As I sift through all of … Read more

Vegan Gluten Free Bakery Los Angeles

When you live with a restrictive diet, either from allergies, intolerances, or personal preferences, one of the hardest adjustments to make is living without your favorite desserts and baked goods. And although there are countless recipes for gluten-free or animal product-less recipes online, few tastes as good as the real thing. At Karma Baker, we … Read more

Karma Cookies (Vegan & GF Oreo dupe!)

I first had a “homemade” oreo-style cookie in the late 90’s at the original La Brea Bakery. It was indeed on La Brea Ave next door to Campanile, the amazing Italian restaurant started by Nancy Silverton’s then husband where she was the Pastry Chef and the Head Baker at the bakery next door. The now … Read more

Thanksgiving at Celine’s House!

We had the best thanksgiving this year!  my whole family came to my house in honor of my sweet Grampa Louie who is having trouble this year – his forgetfulness has gone off the charts.. it’s pretty bad 🙁 He had a good day tho and we all just found the light in being together. … Read more

Pumpkin Crumb Cake ~a love story~

It’s Aidan’s birthday party. He’s turning 7. I brought my vegan gluten-free pumpkin crumb cake, Alison’s favorite. Vegan. Gluten-free. Trying to satisfy everyone’s food issues. It’s not famous yet. Just really good. It surprised us all how moist it turned out the very first time I made it. She requested I bring it. I told … Read more

Magical March…

I was never big fan of March. No great days off. Kinda sucky weather. Not warm enough for summer and too rainy to be winter.  Just kinda blah. But after my daughter was born on March 9th, it took on a whole new meaning. In fact in became magical-mystical-fairyland-birthday party month. Every. Single. Year.  She’s … Read more

Chocolate Cherry Cordial Cupcakes

  These rich chocolate cupcakes have a surprise inside… sweet liquidy cherries! We make these at the bakery for the holidays… with our fool proof gluten free flour and the best organic cocoa powder you can find. It matters.          Buy Our Organic Gluten Free flour here…   Save

Buttermilk Donuts

Direct from our kitchen… these are our newest donuts. Vegan and gluten free light and moist donuts. We use oat flour in these ones to give them a unique taste. Scroll down for the Cinnamon Sugar recipe.   Save Save Save Save Save

Valentine’s Day at KB and our sugar cookie recipe!

It’s too much fun around here – i had to share… here’s what’s coming up for Valentines day! Lots of sweet cookies in the bakery AND now you can ship a box of beautifully decorated cookies to your sweethearts!   here’s the skinny…! show your luvs how good vegan can be! ship a box of … Read more

Cinnamon Roll Protein Waffles!

We’re pretty excited about the newest addition to the Karma family; Waffles! AND not just regular waffles, but protein waffles… 7g per waffle! Made from all organic plant-based protein powders. We use the cleanest and best tasting Brown Rice and Pea Proteins. Arek and I make protein shakes at home regularly. I’m in love with … Read more

Sofia’s Brownie … the beginnings of Karma Baker

At our bakery, people ask me all of the time why I started Karma Baker. Of course there were many inspirations; loving to bake for others, the increasing prevalence of food allergies, my own food allergies! But the story that most illustrates the Karma Baker mission, the story that never fails to inspire me again … Read more

Gluten Free Graham Crackers

S’mores and cheesecake are the 2 things that NEED graham crackers. Nothing really compares. We created this recipe for our cheesecakes and key lime tarts! Magic! Save

Vegan Caramel

Vegan Caramel – The Ultimate Tutorial I finally got it down on paper… It took me a few weeks of trials, a whole day with my lovely young assistant, my daughter Ruby, and the hot Southern California weather to finally chill out a bit; and now here’s my recipe for Vegan Caramel Sauce! Get ready … Read more

The holidays mean … Pie!

Yay! it’s holiday season! As a baker that means lots of baking. And as a pie girl- that means pie crust! I have to admit I’ve always been a lazy baker. Back in the easy (non Vegan &Gluten-Free) days of boxed mixes and frozen pie crusts, I would cut corners where it wouldn’t matter too … Read more

The Best Organic, Vegan and Gluten-Free Vanilla Cake

Don’t you hate a recipe that tells you to use any old Gluten-Free Flour? I really do. Especially when it comes to Vanilla Cake. Vanilla cake did not come easily to me when I started this crazy business of a vegan and gluten free bakery. It took over 2 years to perfect it. The attempts that … Read more

Enlightened Sprinkles: The Karma Way

Let’s talk about sprinkles… Sprinkles are just plain fun! Fun on cupcakes, trans-formative on cookies, and duh on donuts!!! And don’t get me started on funfetti cakes!! Sprinkles rock the baking world. They can turn a plain cupcake into a party.   There are 2 kinds of sprinkles.  First, “traditional” sprinkles…they are made with confectioners … Read more

Hello my wonderful Karma Baker fans!

The blog has finally been moved! I’m all set to get going with a fresh start! I’ll be posting recipes from the bakery using our famous flour. If you’re local to Karma Baker in Westlake Village, you already know the wonders of this amazing flour. You’ve tried it yourself or you’ve eaten the goodies at … Read more

Thanksgiving Pies

  We have our pies ready for the holiday season! What a feat!  Fine tuning new recipes and testing and testing. Redesigning a new look and teaching my beautiful bakers how it’s done. There are so many mediocre pies out there. And especially now, if it’s stamped vegan and gluten free, that’s all you get… … Read more

Vegan & Gluten-Free, Halloween Brain Cake

I was totally inspired by a french blogger and her amazingly beautiful photos of this brain cake. I chose to use the brain as a topper for a tiered white fondant cake with slashes cut into the fondant and blood running out and down the sides. IT turned out very cool … maybe a Zombie … Read more